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The Best Investment of 2018? Art.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the blue chip art market returned 10.6% in 2018. Maddox Art Advisory clients saw an average profit of 25.2% in the same year. Want to know more? Complete the enquiry form to receive our complimentary art investment report.

Key Investment Facts:

  • Art was named the best investment of 2018 by the Wall Street Journal
  • +3 year established track record
  • Invest in a piece of investment grade art from just £10,000
  • Direct ownership meaning you own the art you invest in
  • Choose to either store the art with us free of charge or have it delivered to your home to enjoy
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Why invest in blue chip artwork?

The art market is one of the world’s most successful forms of passion investment. Shrewd investors have put 10-20% of their wealth into this asset class because of the low correlation to other markets and consistent growth over the last 60 years.


In global sales in 2018
source: www.ubs.com


Average rates of return for Maddox Art Advisory clients in 2018


Total return of Blue Chip Artwork in 2018
source: www.wsj.com

The best investment of 2018? Art.

The Wall Street Journal named art the best investment of 2018, outperforming gold, bonds, classic cars, and global equities. While the FTSE100 dropped by 12.5% and the S&P500 was down by 5.1%, investors saw average returns of 10.6% when they invested in the art market. Maddox Art Advisory saw even better results in 2018, thanks to expert guidance and intelligent portfolio development.
As of November. Sources: 1. Art Market Research; 2. Historic Automobile Group International;Factset (Stock Indexes, Bond ETFS), Dow Jones-Market Data (Golf)

Historical returns

The art market has grown steadily and significantly since 1950, with very low correlation to other asset classes. It has even managed to grow during one of the worst economic downturns of our generation – beating most other investment classes.
Sothebys Mei Moses Index
Source: Sothebys.com

Learn about market returns

Artwork is bought and sold via public auctions and at private galleries. We have collated information about recent acquisitions and sales through Maddox Art Advisory, allowing you to view the returns and investment periods associated with these sales.
Percentage Increase
2 years and 2 months
Girl with Ballon
Annualised Return
Bought For


Sold For


Bought For Source & Date: Bonhams 27/06/2017 Sold For Source & Date: Sotheby's 19/09/2019
Percentage Increase
10 months
Flying Copper
Annualised Return
Bought For


Sold For


Bought For Source & Date: Forum Auction 12/12/2017 Sold For Source & Date: SBI Art Auction 03/11/2018
Percentage Increase
4 years
Happy Choppers
Annualised Return
Bought For


Sold For


Bought For Source & Date: Stephan Welz & Co 26/09/2014 Sold For Source & Date: Christie's 26/09/2018
Percentage Increase
3 years 11 months
Love Is In The Air
Annualised Return
Bought For


Sold For


Bought For Source & Date: Bloomsbury Auctions 02/07/2015. Sold For Source & Date: Forum Auction 26/06/2019
Percentage Increase
4 months
Laugh Now
Annualised Return
Bought For


Sold For


Bought For Source & Date: Christie's 26/09/2018. Sold For Source & Date: Forum 29/01/2019
Percentage Increase
3 years 1 month
No Ball Games
Annualised Return
Bought For


Sold For


Bought For Source & Date: Christie's 22/04/2015. Sold For Source & Date: Chiswick Auctions 20/06/2018
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Less Results

How does it work



Once you have submitted your details to speak to one of our advisors, they will contact you and explain more about the current art market as well as explore what opportunities are available. You will also discuss your current investment portfolio, experience of art investment, budget, and risk appetite so that our advisors can provide you with valuable guidance that is tailored to your needs.



Your dedicated Maddox Advisor is aware of your investment profile, they will recommend a bespoke selection of works that are most likely to achieve your investment goals. They will also keep you informed of art market news and performance, and provide guidance related to your portfolio, investment profile, and new opportunities that will complement your existing portfolio.


or Storage

When you have started building your art portfolio, you can choose whether to have the artwork hung at home or stored with one of our specialist suppliers. We will make arrangements based on your preferences.


Return on

Your advisor will get in touch when it is a good time to sell your artwork – this is based on market trends, demand for that particular artist, and recent sales of similar works. Once you have agreed to sell, Maddox Art Advisory will market the artwork at the agreed price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much of my portfolio should be invested in art?

    Michael Moses, art economist, recommends that 10% to 20% of overall wealth is invested in this asset class. The 'correct' amount depends on your budget, risk appetite, and preference.

  • What are your fees?

    Maddox Art Advisory charge a commission of 20% of the net gain of any work acquired and sold through us.

  • What is the minimum investment level?

    Investment grade artwork can be acquired from £10,000.

  • Is there a minimum holding period?

    There is no minimum holding period, but the recommend time varies depending on the work you acquire. We initially recommend holding a work in your portfolio for a minimum of 2-3 years and usually 3-5 years. There is however, no minimum holding period. You own the artwork outright and can elect to sell your art at any time.

  • How do I sell my work?

    • Placing the work with a private collector from our extensive database.
    • Hanging the work for sale in one of our sister galleries.
    • Marketing the work online through art platforms such as Artsy and Artnet.
    • Advertising the work on our website.
    • Assisting with placing the work with one of the major auction houses.

  • What happens if I need to sell my art quickly?

    Unlike a stock or share, there is no exchange where you can sell a piece of art instantly for a quoted price. However, as soon as you want to sell your art please get in touch with us and we will endeavor to place the work as soon as possible.

  • Is this a fund?

    No, you own each piece of art outright. There is no shared, fractional ownership, or collective investment.

  • Do I have to take delivery?

    We always recommend that our clients buy artwork that they find aesthetically pleasing, but if you do not have the space to hang your artwork at home, we offer a secure and insured storage option which is complimentary for the first year.

  • Is the 25.2% a realised return or projected return?

    This is a realised return. This is the mean average profit of all client sales between 01/01/2018 and 31/12/2018.

  • What are the tax implications?

    We strongly recommend seeking independent tax advice. You may have to pay Capital Gains Tax if you make a profit (‘gain’) when you sell (or 'dispose of') a personal possession for £6,000 or more, including art.​

  • What are the risks of investing in art?

    Art is not classed as a liquid asset unlike say some stocks and shares. Like any asset the value of art can rise as well as fall. There is a risk you may struggle to sell the piece of art you invest in for a profit.

  • Do you guarantee a return?

    We can never guarantee a return on investment and past performance is not indicative of future results.

  • Does a piece of art have to be original in order to be classed as investment grade art?

    Both limited edition prints and original artworks can be used as an investment vehicle for growth, in some cases the percentage return can be somewhat higher for a print versus an original.

  • What are the benefits of investing with Maddox Art Advisory?

    Maddox Advisory will provide both the advisory and execution services attached to you art investment portfolio. At Maddox Advisory you will receive the professional advice from an expert in their field while also being able to take advantage of our huge network. Maddox aim to reduce the risk attached and increasing liquidity whilst you enjoy owning a collection of investment grade works.

We are a specialist art investment consultancy and the sister company of Maddox Gallery, a group of contemporary art galleries headquartered on Maddox Street in Mayfair, London. We provide clear, unpretentious art investment advice to our clients in order to help them navigate the sometimes dizzying landscape of the contemporary art market. As such, we have a core team of investment art specialists dedicated to providing art investors and collectors with the tools needed to invest wisely in contemporary art. We specialise in identifying emerging artists whose work has the undoubted potential to drastically increase in value.